Webinar 2022 From histograms to dashboards: An introduction to data visualization with Python

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Explaining the insights of data can be performed in a myriad of ways. You can write many paragraphs trying to convey the idea. You can supplement this with tables, and let the reader figure it out carefully. As primates, however, we are visual beings, and the insights are better shown in images. This step is usually tricky since choosing the right (minimal) set of figures to tell a compelling story is challenging. One of the challenges is to even get started with the exploration. In this webinar we will be introducing you to visualization with Python, starting with simple histograms using Pandas and Matplotlib, and moving all the way to interactive dashboards with Streamlit. Here we will not delve into details, but it will work as an amuse-bouche to get you started in your journey with data visualization.