Webinar 2022 Demystifying Web Portals

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This webinar will familiarize you with the technologies used to construct web portals. We will review many of the terms you’ve often heard but might not have fully understood. This webinar’s target is not only those who may want to build a web portal, but also those who manage teams. If you want to learn more about web technology, you must first learn the language and jargon associated with the field.

I will introduce the three core building blocks of web pages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will be given an overview HTTP and HTTPS, with a high-level description of how they work. We will discuss what an IP Address is and where you can get a domain name. We will also review a few of the many avenues for deploying your web portal.

This webinar is not an in-depth lesson on web development; it is my intention to provide brief overview that non-technical people can follow. It is my hope that this webinar will provide you with the first steps towards understanding how you can begin to deploy a web portal.