Webinar 2019 HPC Programming Language Chapel: Base Language Overview

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Chapel is a high productivity parallel programming language, developed by Cray Inc., that supports HPC via high-level abstractions for task and data parallelism. These abstractions allow the users to express parallel codes in a natural manner. In contrast to other high-level parallel languages, Chapel was designed around a multi-resolution philosophy. This means that users can incrementally add more detail to their original code prototype, to optimize it for a particular computer.

With Chapel we can write parallel codes with the simplicity and readability of scripting languages such as Python or MATLAB, but achieving performance comparable to compiled languages like C or Fortran (with traditional parallel platforms such as MPI or OpenMP).

In this webinar, we will give an overview of Chapel's base language. We will talk about task parallelism and data parallelism in Chapel in upcoming webinars.